Meet the women behind OneWoman.Global

The Beginning of The Story

After coming across an understanding that transformed the way she understood how life works Jacquie was inspired to create a community where women from around the world would gather to bask in our shared wisdom and awaken a deep connection with each other.

It would be a place for women of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances to slow down and reconnect with the peace and infinite wisdom that is within them already. A place to remember and reconnect with their true essence as women and as humans.

She knew it would happen, but she didn’t know when or who with and she was happy to wait until she got the certainty she needed to move forward.

Our Story

In October 2014 Jacquie and Amy met for the first time at a conference in the States. Amy walked into the hotel bar with a friend of Jacquie’s. Amy liked her right away.

According to Jacquie, she had a strong feeling about Amy being her partner in the community she had been envisioning, even though they barely knew each other. And according to Amy, with almost no information or thought, she was immediately ‘in’ when Jacquie proposed the idea to her in early 2015.

We invite you to spend time with us on a weekly basis to get to know us and listen,read,laugh and reflect together as we point you back toward the calm within you that is always there despite the external emotional storms. A calmness that enables us to thrive despite what is going on around us.

As women, at our core, we are far more similar than we are different. At One Woman.Global we will be looking toward what makes us who we are as women whilst always guiding us back to how incredibly strong, resilient, loving and wise we naturally are. Traits that for centuries have enabled women to lead, influence and guide humanity.

We know you are going to love the community.

Jacquie Forde
Jacquie Forde
Jacquie’s favourite things are laughing out loud, walking, eating olives, drinking green tea with lemon, travelling the world exploring new cultures and cities, raising awareness of social injustice and helping women in business and life see the wonderful wisdom and energy that they innately possess to help them live happier and more successful lives without burning or stressing themselves out.

Jacquie lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is married with three gorgeous,tenacious daughters who range in age from 17 to 22. Megan, Nikki and Lauren remind and teach Jacquie everyday of how wonderful it is to be a woman in touch with her own wisdom and femininity, stories she shares regularly in her weekly newsletter and webinars.

When she is not creating projects,campaigning for social justice or helping people understand the human experience, you can find her hanging out with her husband taking long walks in the rain (well it is Scotland), snuggling on the sofa reading a good book and laughing with or being laughed at by her daughters. Bliss.

Jacquie is a social entrepreneur ,business coach and Three Principles Practitioner who works with people worldwide to leave habits and unsuccessful thinking behind helping them become the most authentic,successful and happiest version of themselves so they can enjoy a richer experience of life. She is a qualified nurse, midwife ,certified NLP Trainer,Three Principles Practitioner and member of the 3PGC.

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
Amy’s favorite things are coffee, library books, exploring new cities, documentaries, and world travel. In her ideal world, all careers would pay equally so that everyone on earth would do only what they feel most called to do, and all people would know that they are infinitely wise and well by nature.

Amy lives in the Midwest USA. She is married with two young children—her daughter Willow is 5 years old, and her son Miller is 3. Willow and Miller not only teach Amy what human nature looks like before our “grown up” conditioning sets in, they’ve taught thousands of others who have read her book Being Human or who regularly read her weekly newsletter.

When she’s not writing books or helping people understand the human experience, you can find Amy walking or biking with her kids, dreaming up ways to end human suffering, or eating mint chocolate chip ice cream in bed with her husband.

Amy is a life coach and Three Principles practitioner who works with people worldwide to leave habits and addictions behind and enjoy a richer experience of life. Amy has a Ph.D. in social psychology, has consulted on several high profile court cases, and has appeared as an expert psychologist on a number of nationwide television shows in the US.