It sounds silly, doesn’t it, to say “being human”? After all, you are, aren’t you?

How can you not be something you already are?

Years ago at the sight of such a statement you would find us both tying ourselves in knots, searching the internet, trawling amazon and the local bookstore looking for a self help book that would guide us to being the most windswept, amazing and positively dazzling human being in the most effortlessly way possible. Despite the fact that we already are “human”.

We really believed the answers were “out there.”

So…..what do we humans have in common, apart from our physical and physiological attributes?

The fact that we think! How easy is that to comprehend?!

It really is that simple. We take this incredible gift of thought and we moreoften than not use it to create feelings of worthlessness, fear, despair, and inadequacy, sprinkled occasionally with moments of joy and happiness. Sound about right?

The other day as we spoke together about Onewoman.Global, we both recalled stories of when life really looked that way to us.

Something happens to us or someone else and we have thoughts about it, we layer thinking on top of that for good measure, and then we cover it over in a grand finale of drama, sadness and perhaps gloom which feels like an old woollen blanket with barbed wire stitching laying over your bare skin.


We temporarily lose sight of what makes us human–the ability to live and be in the moment.

So over the next week, notice your thinking and see where it leads you. Set your heart free and really live each moment letting those uncomfortable woollen blanket thoughts pass on their own. We would love for you to share your experiences with us on our facebook page.


Jacquie and Amy

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