We love knowing that we are all essentially the same.

Underneath our surface differences—what we’re going through, what we’re feeling, our unique habits, histories, personal preference, and the quirks that make us “me”—we’re all the same.

We are all One Woman.



Looking at our similarities is far more meaningful—and more enlightening—that focusing on our differences. Our similarities are what connect us to each other and to all of life, seen and unseen. Our similarities represent our true selves, and looking toward them points us away from any problem or limitation and toward infinite love and possibility.

What are the similarities we all share?

We are all healthy and happy. By nature. By default.

You already know this.

You were born that way, and you probably spent much of your childhood that way. You may have watched your own children or grandchildren live in that happy, healthy default nature.

This doesn’t mean we don’t experience all of the stuff we mentioned above. We live in a sea of thought and we feel that thinking, so each of us is constantly feeling whatever happens to be on our minds in that very moment.

But as that thinking changes and thins out, we’re all One underneath. We are health, we are contentment, we are clarity. And we experience thought, pain, confusion, sickness.

Love is what we are. Everything else is what we experience via our own human thinking. And that’s true for each and every one of us, always and forever.

Isn’t that amazing to know? We stare at our differences or our struggles and we think those are who we are. No! That peaceful, easy feeling is who we are. The other stuff is our temporary experience.

We are all One Woman and this is our shared nature. We can’t wait to explore this with you more and more!

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With all our love,

Jacquie and Amy