Monthly Conversations

Taking a Deeper dive into what makes us thrive.

We thought at it would be fun every month to choose a topic/problem that was relatable to us all. The discussions and stories we share will help point you towards a different way of seeing things. For sure we both did when recording and discussing these topics.

There is just something magical in being involved in a loving and honest conversation that helps us all see a little bit more clearly. We hope you enjoy this section and we welcome any ideas, feedback or comments you may have.

Every month we will be taking part in a deeper exploration of the monthly conversation we will be sharing. If you would like to know more please contact us on for further details on how you can join us.

Don't let money get you down
Don't let money get you down
A New Perspective on Foregiveness
Trusting Life
Love and Sex
Ending Habits & Addictions
Guit Free Holiday Cheer
Being Human