Smiling women standing together

Welcome to OneWoman.Global our one woman global village , a place for women all over the world to slow down and reconnect with the peace and wisdom that already resides within them.

We are a division of a non profit organisation, The Wellbeing Alliance who work both in the communities and corporate organisations guiding men, woman and children back into their own space of wellbeing.

We invite you to spend time with us on a weekly basis to get to know us and listen,read,laugh and reflect together as we point you back toward the calm within you that is always there despite the external emotional storms. A calmness that enables us to thrive despite what is going on around us.

As women, at our core, we are far more similar than we are different. At One Woman.Global we will be looking toward what makes us who we are as women whilst always guiding us back to how incredibly strong, resilient, loving and wise we naturally are. Traits that for centuries have enabled women to lead, influence and guide humanity.

We know you are going to love the community.

Each month is devoted to a different aspect of life that women deal with, such as love, relationships,careers,parenting, anxiety and worry, adult friendships, and money just to name a few, BUT our approach to helping you see things more clearly is very different than anything you’ve experienced before.

You’ll find something new at every Wednesday. We will be sharing podcasts, articles, and many other ways of helping you navigate the topic of the month in your own life with lots of free material but also online coaching and learning programmes to enable you to look more deeply into any of the topics that appeal to you.

Most important, OneWoman,global is a community where you can be seen, heard, and connect with women around the world. Regular events will allow us to benefit from learning ,knowing and supporting each other.

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We can’t wait to be on this journey with you at! See you soon …..!!!