Radical Forgiveness

This article was written by Alison Sutton    Forgiveness is one of the kindest, most loving things we can do for ourselves. When we can keep loving, no matter what, the energy we experience flowing [...]

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Why you Aren’t Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

How are you doing with your New Year's goals? The sad truth is, most people have found themselves discouraged and feeling hopeless by now. It doesn't have to be that way. Jacquie and I [...]

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Habits and Addictions

A couple weeks into the New Year, many of us have set goals or resolutions. This is the year we vow to finally break that habit, once and for all. Amy's new book on [...]

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Starting Anew

Tis the season to look toward starting anew. What does it really mean to start anew, and why do we wait until January 1st to do so? Join Jacquie and I as we set [...]

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If the Holidays are Hard

The holidays can be an incredibly difficult time for many people. If they are for you, please give this podcast a listen. Jacquie and I talk about having compassion for the experience you're having, [...]

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Guilt Free Holiday Cheer

Traditions during the Holiday season can be fun and inclusive or they can be a prison that we torture ourselves to deliver because we believe there is no other way. After all traditions have [...]

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Are You Afraid To Get Quiet?

We hope you enjoy the last of our November podcasts on "busyness". Amy and I explore what it means to get quiet. It is really obvious that there are areas of our life we [...]

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Zombies, blow drying and being human

http://www.aspaciouslife.co.uk/zombies-blow-drying-and-being-human/   A couple of weeks ago Angela reached out to Jacquie Forde for business advice to discuss a proposal she wanted to submit for a project she had in mind in her local community. [...]

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The feeling of busyness is inside out!!! Amy Johnson and Jacquie Forde talk about busyness - these days it seems to affect everyone, and as a woman you probably have more on your plate than [...]

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Today I Rise

Today I Rise - An Invitation Little girl with broken wings but full of hope.... Where are you? Wise women covered in wounds......Where are you? Today is the day I will not sit still and [...]

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