Our Story

After coming across an understanding that transformed the way she understood how life works Jacquie was inspired to create a community where women from around the world would gather to bask in our shared wisdom and awaken a deep connection with each other.

It would be a place for women of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances to slow down and reconnect with the peace and infinite wisdom that is within them already. A place to remember and reconnect with their true essence as women and as humans.

She knew it would happen, but she didn’t know how or when and was alright waiting for the certainty she needed to move forward.

In October 2014 Jacquie and Amy met for the first time at a conference in the States. Amy walked into the hotel bar with a friend of Jacquie’s. Amy liked her right away.

According to Jacquie, she had a strong feeling about Amy being her partner in the community she had been envisioning, even though they barely knew each other. And according to Amy, with almost no information or thought, she was immediately ‘in’ when Jacquie proposed the idea to her in early 2015.

So that’s the history, but the story is just beginning. We are so glad you are here. You, and all of the women who will gather here, are the next chapter. This is where the story gets good.