This article was written by Alison Sutton forgive


Forgiveness is one of the kindest, most loving things we can do for ourselves. When we can keep loving, no matter what, the energy we experience flowing through us will always be love.
One of the greatest causes of unhappiness in our life is the thinking we believe when we are blaming another for what they have done to hurt or inconvenience us in some way. When life has not gone how we felt that it should. There is a believing of them/life against us and in that we feel a sense of victimhood.
I have pretty radical views on forgiveness; it was something I learnt at a very young age- to always believe that everyone is always doing the best that they can with the emotional resources they have, and it has served me well.
I was adopted as a baby and so was someone else I know. The thoughts that arose in me as a small child were that my Mother loved me and had done what she thought was the best thing in the circumstances, and I chose to believe in that thought all my life. There was nothing to forgive, there was only love and connection and life was as it should be. She was doing what made sense to her at the time, and I have had peace of mind with that.
My adopted friend, on the other hand, chose to believe something entirely different. I cannot tell you how many hours of emotional toxicity and suffering she has endured as a result of the anger, blame, hatred, rejection and detrimental sense of self she has lived under the influence of, just by believing a her thoughts. What she made up to believe and took seriously has created much suffering through her lifetime.
We have often spoken about the fact that we are both adopted and how the same act shaped our lives in totally different ways by what we believed to be the “truth” about it. The way it affected our lives had nothing to do with being adopted and everything to do with the thinking we have taken seriously about the fact that we are adopted. All of the feelings generated from that point were completely created from within.
The thing is, we are all, always, doing the best that we can with the stories and conditioning we are believing to be true in any moment and from that place doing what seems to make sense to us, even if to another that looks wrong. How different life could be if we didn’t judge the faults of others because in that judging will only ever live unhappiness.
Yes things happen in our lives that we would rather hadn’t happened but we have a choice about what we do with those memories. We can carry them forward through time and space and keep the pain in our present moment or we can forgive, and break free from our self-made emotional prison.
When we learn to forgive and fall out of our thinking we can often see the influence of the innocent misunderstandings that others are living under. When we forgive and get quiet, we access our wisdom and know what to do next and swap that feeling of victimhood for empowerment.
Forgiveness can seem a step too far for some and another thing “to do” that we are failing at. Forgiveness is not a doing it is a way of being. “I am forgiving vs I am doing forgiveness”. If it doesn’t feel to be who you are right now just take the first step and stop feeding the fire. Rather than aiming your energy at another take that energy within and give yourself love and keep on giving that love until the soothing you receive allows all the thinking to drop away.
And with that love comes peace.


Alison once believed that the source of her happiness lay in Gucci handbags. She now specializes in helping people see through similar misunderstandings and to notice that joy, peace, security and everything else needed to live a happy life already exists within us, covered over by some misguided thinking. Her particular interest is in helping people uncover their true nature so they can become free of suffering “under the influence” of their personal thinking, and to find peace of mind and connection to a greater whole. For more information please visit